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Voice Mail filtering service is a service that allow users to filter incoming calls based on importance.

Today, the only way of filtering incoming call is through the Calling Line Identification Presentation.

This limits the filtering function are :

  • Caller Identity does not always appear on the mobile phone (CLIR or Roaming),
  • Standard filtering only apply on numbers and does not take in account the context and the goal of the call.


VoiceMail Filtering offer a real filtering feature.

Il works like a home answering machine :

  • Subscriber can hear the caller leaving a message in your Voice Mail.
  • Subscriber can enter in the communication and talk directly to the caller or let him leaving a message.

This service allow to increase the ARPU and increase the customer loyalty.

VoiceMail Filtering works with your legacy Voice Mail system and allow you to enhance the level of functionalities  while saving your Voice Mail system investments.

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