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RoamValue : « Roam with your services » is a complete range of services that allow roaming to be transparent to users and offer the operator more revenues.

The Roam Value portfolio consists of :

  • RoamAD : Assisted Dialling system that allow roamers to use their home network short code while roaming and offer them wrong dialling correction based on their home country numbering plan.
  • RoamOR : Optimal Routing System that reduce cost of calls to Inbound roamers.
  • RoamVmail : Late Call Forwarding (LCF) to Voice Mail while roaming abroad.
  • RoamCLI : Users can access directly their home network services from abroad with the CLI sending.
  • RoamSMSWelcome : Roamer In users receive an SMS informing them of the local services offered.
  • RoamSMSBonVoyage : Roamer Out users receive an SMS informing them of the local services offered.

Installing RoamValue allow the operator to open differentiating services for the inbound and outbound users of their network.

With a single platform installation in the network, the service can be offered to all the connected network. Service enhancement while roaming transform the targeted network in first class choice for frequent roamer and increase the revenues and margins of the operators.

Using one service of the RoamValue portfolio will open you the complete world of Roaming Services with a very smooth change (only new software to add : you keep the same platform).

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any specific request.

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