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Voice SMS is "the" service of the moment. This service is having a very good success in Asia and America. It takes advantage of the most popular service of mobile network : SMS. Voice SMS offers the same type of service while adding all the richness and emotion of voice.

Voice SMS by InSerTO allows to offer all the advantages of classical Voice SMS while using the powerful and recognized multi service platform of InSerTO that opens the support of all products for all range of capacities going from some E1 to hundreds of E1.

Voice SMS offers the following behaviour :

  • caller calls voice sms service and leave a message for the called user,
  • called user receives either an sms notification or directly an outcall of voice sms,
  • called user listen to the message and can reply by a simple click on the phone,
  • callers can be notified that his message has been heard.

InSerTO has developed other innovative functionalities that enhance the service and the associated revenues.

This service can be proposed to the operators through sale or shared revenues models.

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