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ExciTone is the RingBack Tone developped by InSerTO.

Ring Back Tone is a value added service that generates  musical background during call set up instead of the legacy tone.

This service has taken more than 50 % market penetration in a Korean mobile network in few months, making it the first charged value added service ever seen on mobile market.

ExciTone offers the following advantages :

  • It can be proposed to all types of subscribers (prepaid/postpaid, all types of handsets and SIM cards, all types of fix and mobile networks),
  • Subscriber profiles can be managed by the subscriber,
  • Service can only be controlled by the operator (network service).
  • Service introduction can take benefits of viral effects (every caller that hears the ringback tone is a potential new user),
  • ExciTone can integrate in any type of networks (in Service Node mode, in switch based mode or in IN mode),
  • Intégration to billing and subscription information system of the operator is easy,
  • ExciTone offers the brighter features scope of the market and can easily integrate specific requirements, thanks to the flexible and open architecture of the system,
  • ExciTone can run concurrently with all other InSerTO services on the same platform, which offers quick Return On Investment for the operator.  

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