MUST : The MUlti Service Telecom platform for the operators InSerTO InSerTO
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MUST (MUlti Service Telecom platform) offers the following advantages :

  • Low level access to protocol stacks that allow to adapt to local specificities with a high level of performance and short time reactivity,
  • Industry state of the art components used all around the world,
  • Technological choices to meet the operator targets in terms of reliability, availability, operation and maintenance,
  • An open architecture that eases new technology integration,
  • A solution adapted for every needs : from few calls per second to thousands of calls per second. 

MUST based applications already developped are :

  • IVR or any type of service based on ISDN, ISUP or SIP,
  • Intelligent Network Services (network translations, subscriber based translation, access control,  home zone, any type of SCP application...),
  • MAP Services (first delivery SMS, SMS filtering...),
  • Video Services (3G/H324M, videotelephony, streaming...)